Automated bank debits

Set automated debit instructions to pull money from customer bank account/card for credit customers who are less likely to pay on time.

Custom Reminder Emails

Set automated email reminders to be sent to each of your customers with list of invoices that are open based on custom rules and email content set by you

Connects to Quickbooks

The platform can connect to any ERP/CRM software to pull invoice data to generate invoices with your company logo and info





Set Rule-based Automated Email Reminders 

Your team can focus on other tasks as the portal automatically takes care of all invoice correspondences.

For eg: Send a mail to Hubspot with the list of invoices with invoice amount greater than 1000 and will be due in the next 5 or 10 days

Connects to Quickbooks ,SAP among other ERP’s

The software automatically pulls invoices from you Accounting or ERP software and updates them when a customer pays you through the portal.It provides all the additional functionality you always wanted without you having to change your Accounting systems

(If you use a different Accounting/ERP system and want to use PayorCRM let us know through the contact form and we will integrate to the platform for you for free in 2 weeks time)

Different payment methods supported for B2B payments

Your B2B customers can view & select their invoices and pay through different payment methods whether it be direct bank to bank transfers (direct debits) in countries such as US , Canada ,Europe ,UK, UAE or through credit cards or any other form out there.

We currently support Direct debit ACH, Quick books credit card and ACH payments, Credit card and ACH payments , Paypal etc

(If you can’t find your preferred payment method here let us know through the contact form and we will add that to the platform for you for free in a week’s time)


Set Automated bank/card debit instructions for payments due

Provide your credit customers option to set automated debit instruction to debit money from their bank accounts or credit cards.Customers can pay you invoices based on rules set (for eg: Pay on Due date )

Advanced Analytics

Get an advanced Analytics dashboard to see the accounts receivables position of your company through aging graphs ,DSO graphs etc .The dashboard shows a clearer picture of how close you are in achieving your receivables metrics