Blog : 5 Steps to Setup Autopay for your customers

Blog : 5 Steps to Setup Autopay for your customers

Subscription businesses has the best cash flows.

Nothing is more good for cash-flows of a businesses than your customer allowing you to keep their card on file.

It takes a customer sometime to be comfortable with your business to allow you to automatically charge them this way.

By giving them an option to set it up themselves, you are leaving the door open for them to set it up when they are comfortable with your business.

This is where a tool like PayorCRM can be helpful.

PayorCRM allows your customers to Setup Autopay themselves.

The following steps describe how you can set this up for your business .

Step 1 : Signup to PayorCRM  ( We have a free plan – Check available plans here  )

For QuickBooks online – Sign up with “Sign in with Intuit” button

For QuickBooks Desktop – Go to the login page, register an account, download the QuickBooks connector file ( QWC file ) from settings view and add the same to your QB Desktop product.

You can find detailed steps here –

For other accounting software’s , Reach out to us at [email protected]

Once the account is setup and data synced, go to the next step.

Step 2 : Setup Auto pay using the “Auto Payments” option in the left menu

Step 3 : Click on the button “Add New Rule ” and select the customer whose invoices you want to automatically charge

Step 4 : Select the payment method ( Card or Bank Transfer ) and the card/bank account that will be used to process payments

Step 5 : Select when you would want the payment to be processed

For eg : In the aboveimage the customer’s card is set to be charged 3 days before the due date of an invoice.


If your customers have been provided access to the customer portal (check here how to do that ) , Your customers can themselves setup Auto-payments.

By giving them the option to enable Auto-Payments through the customer portal, you are much more likely to get paid on time

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