PayorCRM is on QuickBooks app store under Receivables management

PayorCRM is on QuickBooks app store under Receivables management


PayorCRM has been listed on QuickBooks apps store . Check out the app on the appstore using the link below

What this means for you ?

To be on the app store the payorCRM has to go through the rigorous requirements of the QuickBooks store and meet certain standards including very stringent security standards.

If you are already a PayorCRM user , You can be rest assured that the app you are using have been vetted and tested by QuickBooks team

So whats new on payorCRM ?

There are multiple stuff happening on the PayorCRM App side

  1. We are building a Auto-pay mechanism/recurring payment mechanism for ACH payments and creditcards  – ( QuickBooks as of today doesn’t support recurring ACH payments to be set up for invoices )
  2. Either you or your customer can setup invoices to be Autopaid . You or your customers can either choose all invoice to be settled automatically or you could set certain invoices to be auto-paid
  3. We are building an advanced collection suite which will help you keep track of all the reminder communication sent to your customers and conversation notes including keeping track of promise to pay.
  4. B2B orders made through applications such as WooCommerce can viewed and managed using PayorCRM application

I need a certain feature that i badly want. How can i get it on PayorCRM ?

Send us a mail on [email protected] . We are usually very responsive (Avg response time of 3 hours )

I am a QuickBooks Desktop User ? Will i get all these features

All the features available for QuickBooks online user are available for Desktop users. QuickBooks Desktop can get the benefits of having a cloud software without having to switch application.




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