Betalist experience of a B2B payments startup.What worked and what didn’t

Betalist experience of a B2B payments startup.What worked and what didn’t

Betalist experience : What worked

our betalist page

1) Got traffic! Lots of them!

The amount of traffic may not look impressive but for a new startup on the block this is pretty impressive

Another interesting fact was that majority of the visitors visited the pricing page

We can explain why there were only a few visits to contact page. We have a popup contact page which automatically pop-up after 7 sec. We did get a good number of contact email ids from there.This particular popup contact page wasn’t being tracked through google analytics

Day 1

Visits to the page through betalist


2) Relevant traffic

We analyzed the traffic we received and found them to be relevant (Our target market is B2B business that is looking for payment solutions that connect to ERP systems and ensures they get paid on time )

company list from beta list

3) Signups and Email addresses of potential leads

We received 4 signups and 11 interested leads which may or may not overlap with the above list from leedfeeder



Betalist experience : What didn’t work!

1. Messaging !


To be frank we struggle with finding the correct messaging for our solution.

The traffic from Beta list also helped us validate our messaging.

Initially, we had positioned ourselves as a

“B2B payment solutions company that connects to your ERP and lets your customers pay electronically invoices raised by you “

Even though the above describes what we do in all, We failed to target a specific pain point of the B2B users

In our email campaign, we position ourselves as solving an important pain point in any B2B business.This particular messaging has provided us more conversions in our mail campaigns

” Getting credit customers to pay on time by using Autodebit “

During our conversations with customers, we figured that this was a pain point they could relate to. We alleviate this by allowing them/their customers to set up auto-debit instructions on the buyers’ account.

For eg: A customer needs to pay you after 30 days the invoice raised by you.They have the option to set up a standing instruction today to automatically debit their account after 30 days.This would help you ensure that you get paid on time


Had we provided the right messaging on our Beta list page too our visits, leads etc could be higher

2. Faster onboarding

Our product is still in the early stages.To be able to start using the product the current process is for us to make some configurations in the backend to allow any new user to start using the product.We are getting there

3. Lack of live chat

Live chat is a must have to be able to talk to people visiting your page.It provides a human touch to the first interaction a person would have with the product.
Unfortunately, we hadn’t set up the live chat integration yet and hence we couldn’t talk to the people visiting our website when our betalist campaign was on.

Overall our Betalist experience was pretty good considering we are in the early stages.

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